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Our community Forum is an online meeting space where you can discuss, share knowledge, and talk to each other about a variety of topics.

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What services do seniors need most?

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Personal Care

What services do seniors need most? One of the most in-demand services for seniors is personal care. Personal care involves assistance with daily activities ranging from light-touch support to intensive daily care. Examples of personal care may include assistance with:

  • Bathing
  • Getting dressed
  • Moving around
  • Grooming
  • Eating
  • Walking

Seniors in many phases of life may need help with personal activities. Changes in mobility, overall health, and common health ailments, such as arthritis, can all contribute to the need for personal care assistance.

Medication Management

It is not uncommon for seniors to take several medications each day. Managing a medication schedule can be challenging for seniors at any age, and missing a dose is a common problem.

Medication management is one of the most important senior care services because it ensures seniors get the medication they need and avoid overdosing.

A caregiver can work with a senior and their doctor to develop a plan and schedule that works for them. The caregiver will keep track of the medication schedule and ensure that the senior is taking medications as required.

Nutrition and Meal Support

Older adults are at a higher risk for malnutrition. Challenges with grocery shopping and preparing food can make getting proper nutrients more difficult. In addition, some medications and health issues can cause changes in appetite that lead seniors to skip meals.

That’s why one of the most popular services for seniors is nutrition and meal support. From specialized nutritionists to caregivers who cook meals, several services are available to ensure seniors are eating properly.

Mobility and Transportation

Generally, seniors experience challenges with mobility. This can mean challenges with getting around within their home or challenges with driving or accessing public transportation. One of the most valuable services for seniors is help with mobility and transportation.

A caregiver can help a senior get around their living space, preventing falls and injuries. A caregiver or transportation service can help a senior get to medical appointments, offsite events, and more.


For some seniors, a power of attorney to a trusted loved one or family member can help them to navigate the challenges of medical care.

Money Management

Senior care services are not limited to assistance with daily living and activities. Seniors also need assistance with things like managing their money. Planning for retirement can be stressful. Even seniors who have saved throughout life need to periodically reevaluate their financial situation.

In addition, seniors are at a higher risk of becoming a victim of financial scams. Assistance with money management can help avoid any unneeded spending. Seniors can turn to a trusted friend or family member for help with day-to-day finances like paying bills and making a budget.

If possible, seniors should meet with a financial advisor who can help them plan for long-term care.

Safety and Security

One of the most commonly overlooked senior services is safety and security. Seniors are at a higher risk of experiencing an accident than other age groups. Seniors are more prone to accidents like falls, fires, and car accidents.

In addition, seniors are more likely to forget to take security measures like locking their doors and car, which puts them at risk. There are a number of safety and security services for seniors.

Having a caregiver check up on a senior and assist them with difficult tasks can help avoid an accident. Investing in technology that can detect a security breach is another popular option to keep seniors safe.

Social Interaction Opportunities

Social isolation is a real problem in the senior community. Social connections are critical to both mental and physical health. When seniors are lonely, they can experience real physical symptoms.

An important senior service to invest in is one that allows you to get adequate social interaction. This can be a transportation service that gets seniors to social events or a caregiver that provides companionship.