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Our support for people with autism enables them to better understand the world around them.

We understand that some autistic people need little or no practical support, but require support to increase their social understanding and network of support.

Autism Support

Autism Support

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About Autism

Autism is a lifelong developmental condition characterised by the triad of impairments, where the people we support may have difficulties with, imagination, social communication, and social interaction and commonly have restricted and repetitive behaviour which can often help them to deal with the sensory and emotional overload they may feel from interaction with staff and the world around them.

We support people who are diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum.

We understand that some autistic people need little or no practical support, but require support to increase their social understanding and network of support, while others may need high levels of support from experienced and skilled staff who support the person with the everyday challenges that interaction causes them.

Our support teams receive specialist bespoke to the person training in the condition and how it affects the person their perception and ability to manage their everyday life. There are many challenges people can encounter, sensory sensitivity to light, noise, touch, balance issues, anxiety and rituals/narrow interests, fluctuating mood and agitation and aggressive behaviour.

Our experienced team will offer predictability, motivation, understanding of the persons skills and where they struggle to imagine and how this affects their perception of the world, people and how they communicate this, verbally and through their behaviour. We work hard to understand what the person we’re supporting is experiencing to develop a comprehensive personalised support plan; our staff are trained to adopt an approach focusing on an individual’s strengths and develop coping strategies to manage the areas they find the most difficult.

Why so many families trust us…


Personalised Care

Everyone’s needs are different that’s why we provide personalised care to everyone. Our high-quality care is flexible when circumstances change and always delivered with compassion and respect


Quality Assured

Choosing Companion Care is a big decision. Our strict performance guidelines, Care Quality Commission ratings & transparency via our care monitoring app, gives added confidence that our quality is assured.


Excellent Training

Our care and support teams are carefully selected and receive excellent training through our exclusive Vevara Academy. We don’t use agency or freelance staff to protect our quality reputation.

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