Professional Oven Cleaning Service

Professional Oven Cleaning Service

As mobile oven cleaners, we bring everything necessary to clean your cooker on site. The technician who will carry out your professional oven cleaning service will inspect your appliance to determine if it is working properly. Before proceeding with the cleaning, the technician will place reusable protective sheets. He will then disassemble all the removable parts and take off the oven racks. Everything is then soaked in a dip tank filled with a powerful cleaning solution (note that when you order a one-off kitchen cleaning the oven will be cleaned to the highest standards.

Cleaning Prices

Single oven, including two racks     €69.00
Double oven, including three racks €87.00
Hob Oven                                             €24.00
Extractor                                               €24.00
Range oven – (90cm-110cm)                         €117.00
AGA oven                                  €104
Deep kitchen antiviral sanitisation   €25.00
Oven Cleaning

Specialist Cleaning

The detergent we use contains Sodium lauryl sulfate. It practically kills all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans and other microbial agents. It will completely disinfect the surfaces of your oven killing all harmful, disease-causing pathogens. Our oven cleaning specialist will thoroughly scrub the rest of your appliance, removing all traces of greasy food and burnt leftovers. When all the parts are perfectly cleaned, the technician will assemble and test the oven. He will also place FREE oven shelf guard and Teflon oven liner on your oven. Once the oven is clean, you will also receive a magnet with a TimeStrip for your fridge. It’s pressed once the service is completed and will indicate when is the next time to get your oven professionally cleaned. You can start using your cooker right after the service! This procedure is suitable for all types of ovens, as well as for AGA and other types of range cookers.

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