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Our community Forum is an online meeting space where you can discuss, share knowledge, and talk to each other about a variety of topics.

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What to look for when hiring a cleaning company

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What to look for when hiring a cleaning company? Do you have time to deep clean your entire house and keep it that way? In today’s busy society, you probably don’t. Many people struggle to balance work and family with their domestic responsibilities. If one thing gets pushed to the side, it’s usually housework.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the task of keeping your house clean, you may want to consider the benefits of hiring a professional house cleaning company such as Vevara to delegate your chores to.

Before you do, however, you want to make sure you are comfortable with the company that is sending a stranger into your home. Having questions is completely comfortable and any professional cleaning company will be more than happy to answer them.

To ensure you are choosing the right individuals to come into your home, here are some tips on what to look for when hiring a cleaning company:


What to Consider When Hiring a Cleaning Company


Everyone has personal preferences as to how they want their house cleaned. Not every cleaning company is created equal but most are flexible and willing to work with your wishes and expectations.

Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring a cleaning company:

  • Availability: Be sure that the cleaning company is available to clean on your schedule. Some companies have blackout times, such as holidays, in which they do not book clients.
  • Green Cleaning: If you have allergies and sensitivities, or are striving to reduce your carbon footprint and lead a healthier life, you may want to opt for a company that uses green products when cleaning. Avanza, for example, uses only biodegradable and environmentally safe products that contain no harsh chemicals.
  • Customizable Packages: Most cleaning companies offer a basic package – however, you may not require all the services provided in the package. Check to see if the cleaning company is flexible with removing unnecessary services or adding in ones that aren’t included in the package.

A cleaning company should be ready and willing to make your life easier. That’s why our expert cleaners do their job and do it extraordinarily well – to put you at ease so you can focus on enjoying your life!


What to Expect from a House Cleaner


When hiring and paying a professional house cleaning company to clean your home, you should expect outstanding service and superior customer service. Their employees should be dedicated to ensuring your home is spotless.

Professional house cleaners perform a range of services depending on your needs and budget. Some services require an extra charge.

A typical cleaning package should include:

  • • Cleaning floors (vacuuming, sweeping, mopping)
  • • High and low dusting (including windows, window sills and ledges)
  • • Wiping door handles and light switches/fixtures
  • • Emptying trash
  • • Cleaning kitchen appliance exteriors
  • • Wiping counters and cabinet exteriors
  • • Cleaning and disinfecting toilet
  • • Cleaning sinks, tubs and showers

You can expect this (and more!) from our expert cleaners at Vevara. We are dedicated to providing thorough and professional cleaning services to meet your needs and budget.

Does your house need a good cleaning? Are you ready to delegate the task? Contact us today for your free quote!


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