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Our community Forum is an online meeting space where you can discuss, share knowledge, and talk to each other about a variety of topics.

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Apartment Cleaning Services

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Apartment cleaning services. Whether you rent or own your apartment, keeping even the smallest space looking its best can be an uphill struggle. There’s nothing more deflating than coming home to a messy home at the end of a long day or more stressful than having to try and hide the mess under the couch if you’ve got unexpected visitors at the door! 


The Vevara platform can take all that stress off your shoulders. Book an apartment cleaning professional through our website and your free time will become that much freer!


1: Vetted and screened professionals.

2: Friendly 24/7 customer service.

3: Backed by our Happiness Guarantee.

4: Affordable, upfront pricing.

The apartment cleaning professional you book through the Vevara platform is vetted and verified, so you know you’re going to get a good job done by someone you can trust. What’s more, each apartment cleaning service provider is backed by the Vevara Happiness Guarantee, which means that in the unlikely event that you’re not happy, we’ll work hard to make things right. 


With so many demands on your time, do you really want to spend your evenings and weekends folding the laundry or rushing from room to room, with a broom and duster in your hand? Booking an apartment cleaning professional through our platform allows you to use your spare time much more constructively, whether it’s catching up on work, dining out with friends or treating the family to a weekend away. The Vevara platform lives up to its name: try it today!

Skilled and Capable

Your professional and personal life both place demands on your time and the apartment cleaning duties often get overlooked. Luckily, we are here to connect you with professional apartment cleaners that know more than a few tricks to get your place looking great, fast. Whether you’re in a studio apartment, a two bedroom, or something much bigger, the skilled professionals will take good care of your apartment.


To book the best apartment cleaning services for your needs, no matter how big or small, regular or irregular they might be. Your requirements are flexible and can often change  that’s why you can book an apartment cleaning service provider to turn up first thing in the morning or, if you’re more organized than most, in a few weeks’ time! On top of that, if you need to cancel or reschedule, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is all that’s needed. No fuss, no problem!


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